Key Benefits of Joining The Network

  • Real time one on one coaching for the lead pastor
  • Real time one on one coaching for all major departments (children, worship, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of ready resources
  • Unlimited access to all sermon brand packages
  • Strategies to increase attendance, finances, volunteering, discipleship and leadership
  • Free VIP access to all events
  • Monthly leadership development
  • Annual on site leadership and strategy sessions

How Do I Join The Network?

Complete The Initial Questionnaire

Schedule The Phone Interview

Submit Your Completed Application

Frequently Asked Questions

If we join the network does the name of our church change?

No. Your church name remains the same.

Do we lose our autonomy?

No. Your church maintains complete autonomy.

Is there a certain length of time we must commit to being a part of the network?

Although we hope our partnership lasts for years you can end your association with the South Hills Network at any time.

Is the network open to all churches, regardless of denomination?

We want to partner with churches who want to grow, connect people to Jesus and change the world. If that’s you then we’d love to partner with you.

Why should I join the South Hills Network?

There are a lot of reasons to join the network: Real time coaching for the lead pastor, real time coaching for all major departments, hundreds of downloadable ready resources, sermon brand packages, monthly leadership development, VIP access to all events and the list goes on.

However, the biggest reason we believe you and your church will benefit from being a part of the network is this: YOU WEREN’T MEANT TO DO CHURCH ALONE.

We want to walk with you, help you, support you and strategize with you each and every step of the way. Also, you are in a network of pastors who are facing the same struggles you are facing. We collaborate together, solve problems together, discover solutions together, grow together, simply put…we are better together!